Gabrielle Stadulis-Forcier



Gabi (she/her) is a farmer and designer based in Portland, OR. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA with a BFA in graphic design. She likes writing, and drawing (occasionally when she feels inspired), playing with flowers, baking, whitewater kayaking, and driving long distances.

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Cast of Characters

‘Cast of Characters’ was a 3-day workshop held by VCU professor Lauren Thorson at Kyung Hee University in Korea. Students worked in groups of five to create imaginary characters with a backstory that ultimately interacted with each other in a script.

Each student created a typeface for their individual character based on its backstory and characteristics. Each group then collaborated in developing a short script that included each character. Each student made their own poster based on the story the group came up with. 

My character’s name was Bitni. Bitni was a caterpillar who was separated from its family. When Bitni grew up, no old told it that one day it would turn into a butterfly. Bitni is lost and confused as it tries to figure out its direction in life.

Developing the concept and story of ‘Bitni’

‘Bitni’ typeface
In the script, Bitni meets two other characters named Min and Happy. They are happy to help Bitni in the midst of its confusion and ultimately help it to feel a bit more comfortable and at home. 

Elements of Min and Happy’s typefaces were used in my poster, and I also used the system I used to create my typeface to write the names of the other characters in Korean. 

VCU students on the steps of Kyung Hee University 
VCU and Kyung Hee students 

October 2019
Seoul, South Korea