Gabrielle Stadulis-Forcier



Gabi (any pronouns) is a farmer and designer based in Portland, OR. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA with a BFA in graphic design. She likes drawing (occasionally when she feels inspired), baking and cooking, whitewater kayaking, and driving long distances.

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Tools to be a Happy Kid Poster

This collection of 20 objects are things that could make a child happy. It’s normal and easy to think happiness is easier to obtain as a kid, it’s measurable, it’s material, apparentcrayons, cool Band-aids, Barbies, toys. But, happiness is much more complicated than that, we find as we grow older. A hot dog can make life happier, but it doesn’t make your life joyful. Being happy is much more temporary and superficial than being joyful...anyway. These objects aren’t meant to make you feel joyful. They are meant to make you happy.

36 x 48"
February 2018