Gabrielle Stadulis-Forcier



Gabi (she/her) is a farmer and designer based in Portland, OR. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA with a BFA in graphic design. She likes writing, and drawing (occasionally when she feels inspired), playing with flowers, baking, whitewater kayaking, and driving long distances.

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People of the River

People of the River is the brainchild of myself and 13 other paddlers, who have all learned to paddle on the James River together. There are stories about success and failure, learning from each other and the river, and how we built this incredible community around it. This was my senior thesis project, with months of research and collecting stories, hoping to paint a picture of what it’s like to be a part of this community. 
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Project Description:

“This book is more than just a book, like our river is more than just a river. It is the collective knowledge and accounts of success and failure and community, of a group of paddlers who share years of memories and have seen each other at our highest highs and lowest lows.
It is a work of embellished nonfiction, authored by the designer and thirteen others, arranged to bring those overlapping experiences to life through text. We each started our paddling journeys with some implied idea of what it meant to be river people, but somewhere between Pony Pasture and Fourteenth Street we learned that we wanted instead to be People of the River.”