Cmnd C + Cmnd V: An Excelstencil Crisis

hand drawn poster made with stencil, 24 x 36”

Cmnd C + Cmnd V: An Excelstencil Crisis was an exhibition curated by 37 VCU graphic design students in a week and a half showcasing over a month's work of excel drawings that turned into stencils that turned into hand drawn posters.  

The work was made into the show, and the show was made into a catalogue; all of which are documented here.

excel “drawings”

stencils inspired by excel drawings

Included in the show was not only the final posters of the 37 students, but all their drawings, stencils, and process in between. People who came to the exhibition were encouraged to interact with the stencils themselves to make work alongside the artists.

24 x 36" (Poster)
5 x 8" (Catalogue)
October 2018